Why do I have pain?

Why did it become chronic?

Why am I having so much trouble getting it resolved?


This article offers you a real-life example as to how exhaustive our investigative process is, when we see people like you suffering in chronic pain. We specialize in finding all the very important clues your body gives to answer the crucial questions, WHY? Why do you have Pain? Why did it develop in the first place? Why can’t you find a cure?

The example below that you are about to read is how we approach every chronic pain condition we are tasked to solve. This particular example is with a condition called Frozen Shoulder, but lays out exactly how we solve all chronic pain conditions.
Why did this woman develop a chronic pain condition involving her shoulder. Why would it not respond with all the therapies she tried? Why did it become chronic? Why did it respond for us?

Follow the sequence of clues our in-depth investigative process uncovered to ultimately reach the root cause for her case of frozen shoulder.

A 46-year-old government worker from Ottawa came to us with chronic pain from a frozen right shoulder. She tried many therapies to resolve the condition but did not see any lasting results.

Our Investigative process found:

  • Right foot bunion on the big toe obstructing normal range of motion, causing an abnormal gate.
  • The abnormal gate resulted in the right thigh muscles developing cross-fibre damage critically shortening their fibres, pulling the right pelvis forward
  • The excessive Forward pelvis caused the thoracic spine to lean backward to balance the centre of gravity
  • This backwards thoracic lean caused the neck to shift into an excessive forward posture
  • The Muscles in the neck developed abnormally shortened and fibrotic fibres pulling the curved vertebral column forward, reducing the neck’s natural curvature
  • This Loss of natural curve caused destructive forces to develop on the discs in the neck
  • These excessive forces caused the discs to lose some of their essential water volume, bulging like a car tire losing air
  • These bulging discs caused structural instability to develop in the neck due to the shrinking height of the involved discs.
  • The neck muscles then shortened to stabilize the shrinking neck to the point where they themselves suffered fibre damage, shortening to a point of failure with a total loss of elasticity and contracted fibres
  • These damaged muscles caused increased forces on the disc causing the bulge to worsen, squeezing the shoulder nerve as it passes behind the disc.
  • The damaged neck muscles also began squeezing the nerve as it courses its way through the neck on its way to the shoulder
  • This resulted in a neurological communication error between the nerves in the spinal cord and shoulder. Two distinct sites of nerve compression, one behind the bulging disc, and the other in the severely damaged muscles of the neck that the nerve must pass through on its way from the neck to the shoulder.
    The adverse affect of these 2 pinched nerves resulted in increased tension to develop in the shoulder muscles, causing the joint to freeze.


Treating her shoulder with numerous types of therapies, having her do exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the shoulder, and pain relief interventions, would never have answered the question, WHY?

The ultimate root cause for this 46-year-old government worker was her restricted range of motion in her right big toe, causing a pinched nerve to develop in 2 sites in the neck, freezing the shoulder. We were able to reverse all dysfunctions and restore normal neurological communication to the shoulder, thus releasing the freeze.