Trigenics is an advanced neurological treatment system which assesses and reprograms spinal cord reflexes to improve communication between the central nervous system (CNS) and muscle.

Muscles contract or relax only when the CNS (brain & spinal cord) instruct them to do so, through neurological impulses.

These impulses are part of a much larger and complicated neurological communication system referred to as myoneural sensorimotor reflex patterns.

Walking is achieved by a neurological reflex pattern communicating with the muscles of the legs instructing each muscle to contract or relax enabling walking to occur. Consider what would happen if this reflex pattern instructed the quadriceps muscles on the front thigh to contract at the same time it told the hamstrings on the back thigh to do the same. Walking would be difficult as the quadriceps muscles contract against the hamstring muscles resulting in a stiff, inflexible gate.

You may think this example is not possible, but you would be wrong. Not only is it possible, but we have seen it numerous times in our patients and were shocked, to say the least. Their reflex pattern had been neurologically altered, incapable of instructing the thigh muscles correctly.

The types of reflex pattern dysfunction we see involve the over-contracting of some muscles and the under-contracting of others, yet not as extreme as described above.

Trigenics is an advanced system of diagnosing and correcting these reflex patterns which have been altered for various reasons- causing any of: chronic pain, immobility, unexplained muscular weakness, unexplained muscular tightness, as well as symptoms common to malfunctioning nerves that include chronic regional pain, pins/needles sensations, numbness, cold or hot skin and sharp shooting pain.

The conditions we see most often involving altered reflex patterns include: Low back pain, neck stiffness, frozen shoulder, knee pain, groin/hip contractures and IT band contracture.

We also see many cases of unexplained weakness in arms and legs, unrelenting ache into thighs (restless leg syndrome), back and hamstring spasms and one-sided weakness of arms or legs.

Minor occurrences of reflex patterns include:

Tight muscles which stretching can’t release
Yoga positions which can’t be achieved correctly after many attempts to do so
Shoulder pain when brushing hair
Hip pain when rising up from a seated position
Restless legs at night
Weakness in one leg when walking or climbing stairs
Chronic stiff neck with or without a whiplash trauma
Can’t increase weight during resistance exercising
One leg suddenly goes weak and you almost fall down
Altered reflex patterns are responsible for so many conditions.

Trigenics is a complex functional neurological system that involves the manipulation of receptors embedded in muscles and tendons in order to reset or reprogram spinal cord reflexes patterns.

Trigenics allows us to successfully treat chronic pain conditions through the diagnostic process followed by the unique treatments that cause instant improvement to conditions.

In summary- Trigenics changes the way the brain communicates with the body to immediately relieve pain, amplify strength and movement and, importantly, augment muscular performance.