Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is the application of powerful pulsating magnetic waves, used therapeutically to help cells regain the energy they require for optimal health and vitality. Cells with decreased energy production become weakened, sick and less able to maintain their health. Pain is the first sign of decreased cellular energy. Magnetic waves produced by PEMF therapy are identical to those created by the magnetic poles on Earth, except substantially stronger and pulsating.
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) Innovative Therapy Canada

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Why Magnetics?

All life forms depend on magnetic energy for normal cellular function and overall health. Without this magnetic field influencing the cells, we are comprised of, we would die very quickly. In fact, NASA astronauts have magnetic therapy built-in to their space suits for travel out of Earth’s magnetic reach, as, without it, they would die. It can be said that magnetic energy equates to vibrant and healthy life.

Tesla was the first researcher to demonstrate the healing principles of magnetic fields and their research evolved, over time, into what we now know today as Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. Used worldwide and as standard therapy in Europe for decades, PEMF therapy is the targeted application of penetrating magnetic energy delivered in billionths-of-a-second pulses to support the innate healing functions that keep you well.

What PEMF Can Achieve

Healthy cells are the foundation for a healthy and vibrant life and have an internal electrical potential of around 90 millivolts. Cellular weakness, toxicity, cellular decay, sickness, disease, and chronic pain begin whenever cells electrical potential drops to 50mv. Cancer cells have been measured to be as low as 20mv millivolts and lower. The key to PEMF success comes from its ability to restore damaged or dysfunctional cells’ internal energy potential back to its’ healthy 90 millivolts.

How PEMF Therapy Works

Pulsating magnetic waves cause cells to vibrate by stimulating their natural magnetic polarity. This vibration stimulates the cell’s internal power plant to begin producing more energy by utilizing oxygen more efficiently and forcing trapped carbon dioxide out of the cell.

The biocompatible magnetic pulses not only recharge the cell. They also penetrate the cell walls and cause them to contract. Exercising cells this way speeds up the intake of essential life-saving nutrients and forces metabolic waste products and damaging toxins out of the cell. The result is a body that can now rejuvenate itself, as it should.

This return of healthy cellular circulation has been proven to:

  • Alleviate pain and reduce inflammation
  • Stimulate tissue healing
  • Strengthen bones
  • Relieve injury and fatigue
  • Support neurotransmitter balance (nerve function)
  • Achieve a deeper, restorative state of sleep necessary for healing
  • Help nerve and muscle tissue regeneration
  • Reduce stress & increase relaxation
  • Feel more energized, sleep better
  • Increase circulation essential for healing and regeneration
  • Expel cellular waste (detoxification)
  • Absorb essential life-saving nutrients
  • Rebalance electrical charge
  • Pain, sickness, and disease manifest when impaired nutrient flow and waste accumulation inhibits
  • the cell’s natural repair cycle. Restoring these key elements is, without doubt, the key to the overall health of your body.


A Fruitful Analogy of Cellular Vitality

Imagine a cell in your body as a fresh grape, healthy, vibrant, and alive. Now imagine that same cell as a raisin, once a vibrant grape, drained and dry of all its vitality. This illustration of cellular decay is similar to what happens, as our cells can no longer receive vital water, minerals, and other nutrients.

Energize the natural healing power hidden within each cell of the body

  • The bioelectric energy of healthy cells is vital for metabolic processes.
  • When the cells drop their electrical charge to a certain level, they become sick.
  • The first sign of illness is usually pain.
  • Chronic disease (pain) is always defined by a low cell electrical charge.
  • The body can heal almost anything with proper nutrients and electrical charge.
  • Feel more energized, sleep better, and reduce chronic pains.


Disease manifests when impaired nutrient flow and waste accumulation inhibits the cell’s natural repair cycle. Restoring these elements is without a doubt the key to the overall health of your body.

Oxygen is another of life’s essential elements which all cells must have an abundance of, both inside and outside the cell’s membranes. Oxygen molecules serve as fuel for the energy production process that occurs inside a cell. The PEMF stimulates this process to take place but must have the necessary oxygen in the body to do so with. This is why we combine PEMF with Exercise With Oxygen, another brilliant technology we own. Exercising with oxygen ensures that an abundance of oxygen exists in the blood, and the cardiovascular system has the ability to deliver it efficiently.

PEMF may be one of the greatest discoveries in the history of medicine.

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