“I have been to therapists all over the world, Europe, the US, Mexico, everywhere!

I have had so many different treatments, stem cell, PRP, ART; you name it, I have had it!”

It is about the practitioner, Glenn. It’s about how he understands the body and how he puts these pieces together, and that’s not something you come across often.

Lesley Paterson, San Diego, CA

5 Time World Champion Triathlete

“I bounced around to various practitioners for three years.

While some therapies made me feel relatively better with regards to pain, they never seemed to find or address the actual root cause of it.

I had two treatments with Glenn and the change to my body was immediate and lasting. The only regret I have is that I didn’t go to Glenn’s clinic sooner.

Tracy Messenger, Toronto, ON

Unfortunately, we hear this all too often from many who seek treatment from us. We rely heavily on our unique and competent diagnostic capabilities to identify the cause of your symptoms.

The most important aspect of solving any pain condition begins with a competent diagnosis because you can’t resolve any condition until you know its root cause.

We spend a significant amount of time with you during our diagnostic process, to firmly establish an accurate and complete picture as to what is responsible for all of your symptoms. With complex cases, it is quite common to see two combined diagnostic/treatment based assessments over two days, taking up to 1.5 hours each to complete, giving us up to 3 hours of both hands-on diagnostics and micro-treatment testing providing an extensive musculoskeletal and neurological evaluation.

Glenn does not have a disability….

He has different abilities

Our founder and chief therapist, Glenn Cameron, who is blind, uses his heightened sense of touch developed reading braille to advance the diagnostic process to a heightened level.

He feels even the smallest and deepest clues to potential causes of various pain conditions offering rare diagnostic accuracy.

We give hope where there is none

“Many who seek treatment from us do so as a last resort, having had no success with other health care professionals in the past, and not expecting much from us now. They have lost hope of ever getting better, but something inside tells them to give us a try. They are surprised when we identify the cause of their symptoms and shocked with how they feel after they receive their first treatment”.

Our many years of research, advanced training courses and experience with those afflicted with diverse pain conditions have given us invaluable knowledge to understand what the clues we feel mean, formulating a diagnosis based on fact, not a guess

A key aspect of our diagnostic process is to sort out whether your symptoms, pain, numbness, weakness, off-balance, or swelling, to name a few, are due to physical or metabolic dysfunctions with muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, circulation or nerves. It is a crucial diagnostic aspect that will dictate the direction treatments take to ensure a successful outcome. Our body has a tremendous ability to heel and regenerate as long as we remove the barriers that interfere with this process.

The conditions we have identified in thousands of clients treated over the years, provided us with the essentials to develop five key levels to our diagnostic Process, but your condition may not require all of them. They are always available in our Diagnostic Toolbox should they be required.

Level 1: (Musculoskeletal)
Glenn uses his incredible sense of touch to identify all dysfunctions present by scanning the entire skeleton feeling skin, muscle, tendons, ligaments, arteries, veins, lymphatic vessels, and with the biomechanical framework of bones and joints. You remain fully clothed and examined standing, lying on your back, then stomach. Glenn easily feels signs of dysfunctions and biomechanical abnormalities through clothing. All information is compiled to be evaluated later for its relevance to symptoms experienced.

Level 2: (Neurological)
A thorough examination of the nervous system is conducted to establish whether dysfunctions exist, and if so, what relevance they play in your symptoms.

We have the diagnostic capability to examine the health of peripheral nerves and can usually determine whether they are indeed dysfunctional. We are board-certified to diagnose and treat neuropathy.

Level 3: (Vascular)
A vascular Doplar ultrasound is used to establish whether circulatory deficiencies exist, and if so, where the core fault may arise. Findings are evaluated and correlated with all other findings to establish their relevance to symptoms experienced.

Level 4: (Technological )
We use our state-of-the-art Acoustic Shockwave unit, high powered Magnetic Field Generator, Trigenics System, professional Spinal Decompression System, and Altitude Simulator to establish whether deep-lying problems exist with organs, joints, various soft tissues of muscle/tendon/ligament and, of course, nerves. All findings are correlated with others to establish their relevance to symptoms experienced.

Level 5: (Metabolic)
A thorough history and evaluation of Skin, eyes, nails, hair, body functions that include breathing, sleeping patterns, energy levels, and memory are some of the structures assessed to establish whether problems exist at a cellular level (metabolic). This remarkable 5th level answers so many questions in complex pain condition cases that it is virtually a mandatory level used. We have found over the years that metabolic clues are key diagnostic evidence as to the causes of so many pain conditions. All findings are correlated with others to establish their relevance to symptoms experienced.

The Diagnosis
Once this extensive diagnostic process is complete, then we correlate all findings and symptoms experienced, with our vast knowledge of pain mechanisms to arrive at a competent diagnosis.

In many cases, we already suspect the causes for your symptoms but refrain from arriving at a premature conclusion before all the evidence is examined, just in case your situation is slightly different.

If we identify a problem that we can’t resolve, we will suggest the next step to embark on, so you are not left to decide what to do next.