Pinched Peripheral Nerves

We can typically release Pinched Peripheral Nerves (Pinched Nerves) coming from the neck into the back, arms, or hands, or from the low back into the pelvis, buttocks, or legs, in 2 or 3 treatments.

Treatment – We have the ability to quickly release pinched nerves because:

Our lead therapist’s sense of touch being blind feels where pinched nerves are being squeezed, directing treatments with precision (neck/back/arms/legs).

The most powerful acoustic shockwave therapy technology in the world from EMS Medical (Germany) is used to break apart the twisted/tangled muscle or tendon fibres responsible for squeezing the nerve.  Acoustic shockwave therapy (lithotripsy) is the identical technology used to break apart kidney stones.

Deep pelvic nerve is suspected of being pinched are located with this powerful acoustic shockwave technology, capable of reaching anywhere in the region through the abdomen, are release regardless of how deep they are.  Such nerves include;

  • Pudendal (genitals/anus/perineum)
  • Posterior femoral cutaneous (lower buttocks/sits bone//back of leg)
  • Cluneal (buttocks/sacrum/perineum)
  • Femoral (front of thigh)
  • Obturator (groin)
  • Genitofemoral (genitals/front of thigh)
  • Superior gluteal (upper buttocks)
  • Inferior gluteal (entire buttocks)
  • Piriformis (piriformis muscle)

Pinched Nerves – In Depth

The peripheral nerves that course their way through the body after leaving the spine run deep with the bones well protected by ligaments, tendons, and muscles.  However, these nerves must leave their deep protective zones to cross-joints, and this is where problems can develop.

Muscles can suffer damage for many reasons resulting in the development of hardened, twisted/tangled fibre damage called myofascial adhesions.  Such adhesions cause pain and joint restriction close to the damage and in many cases far from their origin as well.

If adhesions form near or on nerves, then they begin affecting the nerve with sensations that include;

  • Itchy regions
  • Tickle for no reason
  • Vibration
  • Bugs crawling,
  • Heat/cold when you are not hot or cold
  • Pins/Needles
  • Numbness
  • Sharp Shooting Pain
  • Electrical Sensations
  • Extreme sensitivity (pain when touching a region)
Innovative Therapy Canada Pinched Nerve
If you suspect a pinched nerve, or are not seeing a quick resolution to symptoms, we encourage you to come in for an assessment to verify the condition and locate the region involved.