Our treatment for tendonitis involves an innovative, highly effective approach by integrating magnetic therapy with a variety of shockwave therapies including focused and radial pattern distribution. This protocol will address even the most resistant forms of tendonitis including that of calcific tendonitis.

Tendonitis is a condition where a significant number of individual fibres which comprise a tendon has suffered damaged, resulting in an accumulation of painful inflammation and weakness in the entire muscle that is attached to that tendon.

Tendonitis is characterized by a deep ache anywhere along the tendon and in the muscle which it is attached to. This ache can even be felt in the joints at both ends of the muscle’s attachment sites. For example, biceps tendonitis can send pain down into the elbow and upward into the shoulder, which are the two joints it is attached to. Other symptoms may include:

  • Dull, vague ache in the tendon and/or muscle where it is attached
  • Sharp knife-like pains in the region
  • Cold or pins & needles sensations which can be felt to the fingers or toes if the involved tendon is in the arm or leg
  • Weakness in the muscle and joint it moves


Tendonitis results when a tendon is exposed to repetitive forces on its fibres that it is not accustomed to. Over time, some of the many fibres begin to become disorganized by twisting and tangling back on themselves, or even worse fray. The result is pain and weakness in the region of the tendon and its muscle.

An assessment will reveal how large the tendonitis is and where it is located along the length of the tendon. This information will tell us how severe the condition is, whether the fibres are disorganized, frayed or torn. We must know what is happening in the tendon to choose the appropriate shockwave unit for the treatment, and when to integrate magnetic therapy.

Some tendonitis conditions take 1-2 treatments to resolve, being of the form characterized by the presence of disorganized fibres. Other more serious forms of tendonitis take up to 6 treatments for severely frayed fibres with a significant degree of weakness and swelling. Torn fibres require surgery to resolve. Treatments take between 20-45 minutes to administer. We have specific goals to achieve in each treatment session to ensure and efficient and effective treatment process.

Ultrasound and acupuncture are widely used today by most practitioners to treat tendonitis. We do not offer these treatments because the focus of Innovative Therapy Canada, is to treat conditions that do not respond to other more widely used therapies.

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