We administer the same protocol we use in our non-surgical bunion solution treatments to resolve calcific tendonitis. This is because of the calcium embedded in the injured tendon. Treatments break apart the calcium within the tendon, and also break apart the disorganized fibres damaged with the condition.

Definition: What Is Calcific Tendonitis?

Calcific tendonitis is a very severe form of tendonitis that has developed complications. A jagged hardened calcium deposit has invaded a portion of the tendon where some fibres affected by the tendonitis, have frayed


For a detailed look at the symptoms of tendonitis, visit the “Tendonitis” link in the quick links or under the Conditions Treated main menu link. Symptoms of calcific tendonitis include:

Extremely sharp and painful jabbing sensations when the tendon is exposed to a specific movement of the joint it crosses
Significant ache and chronic pain in the region of the tendonitis that seems to not let up by day or night
Applications of heat and/or cold aggravate the symptoms
Considerable swelling in the region ( more than regular tendonitis)
Profound weakness in the muscle that is attached to the affected tendon


Calcific tendonitis first develops as regular tendonitis where some of the hundreds of thousands of fibres that comprise the tendon become entangled upon each other resulting in a weak spot.

If the prolonged, repetitive forces responsible for the tendonitis are not halted, allowing the tendon to heal. This weak spot can begin to bleed.

The micro-bleeding causes cells to begin creating calcium deposits within the site in an attempt to reinforce the region and plug the bleeding. Very quickly it does. However, this calcium plug is a jagged and hardened foreign body that causes a total dysfunction with the tendon, and PAIN.


Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is the best modern technology to treat calcific tendonitis. However, not all shockwave therapy devices have the quality of sound waves to efficiently and effectively break apart the calcium plug.

If the wrong unit is used, it will take more time and more treatments to fully resolve the condition, and could cause undue pain and suffering to you in the process. We employ 2 or 3 different shockwave devices along with Magnetic biostimulation therapy to successfully cure calcific tendonitis in 2-4 treatments. One shockwave unit softens the calcium deposit and causes numbness to the region. The second shockwave until then breaks down the calcium deposit completely. A third shockwave unit may be required to flush debris from the tendon. Magnetic biostimulation therapy provides thorough flushing of the region and speeds up the healing process dramatically.

We will position the shockwave applicators directly over the calcium deposit within the tendon and begin administering the powerful sound waves until a major portion of the calcium plug has been broken apart. We use a few techniques that we developed in our famous non-surgical bunion removal process on the tendon.

An immediate reduction in pain will ensue giving some long-overdue relief.

Additional treatments are required to address the initial tendonitis, bringing an end to the entire condition within a few weeks of the first treatment.