Pudendal Neuralgia is a remarkably dynamic type of neuropathy – requiring a comprehensive, innovative treatment approach if it is to be successfully and permanently resolved.  We hear from many who suffer from the condition. They have had unsuccessful diagnosis and treatments and challenge us as to how we can claim we successfully and permanently resolve it.

The answer is in how we approach the condition. We treat it as a neuropathy, not a chronic pain condition!

Our Approach

First, we are a highly specialized therapy clinic accustomed to treating both chronic pain and various forms of neuropathy. We are Board Certified by the American College of Physical Medicine. We have the knowledge, technology, and experience treating both physical and metabolic forms of neuropathy. We have developed innovative strategies to approach all our treatments, based upon the knowledge and skills acquired over many years in administering over 20,000 treatments, in our pursuit to conquer chronic pain conditions and neuropathy.

Secondly, the knowledge we have gained over these years having taken many advanced courses in bio-structural correction, functional neurology, chronic intractable pain and of course, neuropathy, serve us well in the execution of all our treatment protocols.

Thirdly, our clinic is equipped with the most advanced therapeutic technology available today to treat complex pain conditions and we are very experienced in their use. We use these technologies to both diagnose and resolve the various conditions we agree to treat.

Finally, our Founders’ amazing strong sense of touch and sensory capability, being vision impaired, offers the ultimate hands-on diagnostic evaluation. Knowing exactly what is wrong goes a long way to solving it.

This being said, we do not resolve every pudendal neuropathy case we agree to treat. No clinic does. However, we do enjoy a very high success rate and continue to perfect all our protocols to hopefully reach a level of perfection not yet seen in modern medicine.

I got treatment from Glenn about 2 and a half years ago for Chronic Pelvic Pain, Pudendal Neuralgia and back pain. He gave me back so much of myself and my mobility. When I first came to Glenn at Innovative Therapy I was 27 and in constant unrelenting pain due to Pudendal Neuralgia and Fibromyalgia. I had been suffering and slowly getting worse for the past 8 years. I could not stand, walk or sit, even lay down without at very least great discomfort. I had to be driven to my appointments which were 1 hour away laying down in the back of an SUV because I was unable to sit for the ride. After the first appointment, I could already feel the difference and after the second I was able to attend a concert for the first time in years and stand and dance with very little pain. I continued to go for several appointments after that, he worked on my pudendal nerve, glutes, thighs, stomach, neck, and back. I had adhesions everywhere causing pain all over my body, it was hard and painful and took a few months for my body to recover but once it did he was able to get me to the point where now I can sit on hour-long car rides with only a small cushion. I can do the things I love again like yoga, swimming, cooking, playing with my dog, spending time with and helping my family and hanging out with my friends. He was so caring and helpful through the whole experience and always made me feel comfortable even though he was working in a very private area of my body. 8 years, thousands of dollars, countless doctors, specialist, physiotherapists, painful invasive procedures and 1 surgery and no one could do what Glenn did, no one could even explain the underlying cause of my pain but Glenn. I owe so much to him. Thank you, Glenn, for giving me back the part of myself I thought might be lost forever.

Chelsea C

Ottawa, ON

Dear Glenn and Lynn, Words can’t describe how thankful I am to both of you although the treatment didn’t help me. I’m still thankful for all Glenn’s efforts, advice, and generosity. I’m immensely grateful for your help and sympathy. Qualities like these are hard to find in people nowadays…Thank you both from the bottom of my heart! Forever grateful, 


Pleasanton, CA

Diagnosing Pudendal Neuralgia

Unfortunately, many cases of what is thought to be pudendal neuralgia actually end up being misdiagnosed. This is one major reason why the condition appears to be so difficult to resolve. It cannot just be diagnosed based upon symptoms, as at least 10 other conditions can elicit the very same symptoms as that of pudendal neuralgia, but are not even nerve based.

We have developed a method to determine if your symptoms are indeed those of a true pudendal neuropathy, by altering the function of our treatment technologies into an important and necessary diagnostic role. We can do this because we are extremely proficient in their use and tweak them for diagnostic purposes.

Additionally, we determine whether your pudendal neuralgia is a physical or metabolic form so that the treatment protocol properly fits the condition.

Forms of Neuropathy

“Neuropathy” means that a nerve has suffered damage for various reasons, classified as either Physical or Metabolic. These forms of neuropathy are vastly different in their mechanism of injury, but a nerve can potentially suffer from both.

Physical Neuropathy

This form clearly indicates that a nerve has suffered trauma, causing physical damage to some or all of its individual pathways. Nerves suffer physical damage for many reasons some of which include:

  • Severe force trauma to a muscle enough to reach the nerve
  • Decreased oxygen (ischemia) resulting from damaged blood vessels bone fractures
  • Surgery
  • Joint dislocation
  • Myofascial adhesion formation near a nerve
  • Arthritic calcification formation near nerves in a joint
  • Joint replacement surgery
  • Joint cartilage damage

Metabolic Neuropathy

This form of neuropathy is complex, with many mechanisms of injury that all involve damage due to issues from within the body, not from outside, like the physical form. It develops whenever its pathways are exposed to either harmful irritants from within the body’s metabolic processes or from a lack of essential metabolic support elements necessary for pathway health. Examples include:

  • Disease processes/as with diabetes
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Smoking atherosclerosis
  • COPD
  • Medications
  • As with cholesterol (statins), antibiotic use, stomach acid (PPI), gout, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, and pain medications.
  • Leaky gut (yeast overgrowth syndrome)
  • Digestive system Malfunction/B12 deficiency

Our Technologies

The technologies we use are the newest and best engineered in the world, so we are never using an inferior therapeutic device, hoping it will get the job done. They include:

  • EMS Swiss Dolorclast™, acoustic-based Shockwave Therapy “Master, the original developers and manufacturers of shockwave therapy and still produce the most capable, highest intensity shockwaves available to therapists today.
  • Pulse Centers™, XL-Pro, high intensity pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) is the most powerful magnetic therapy technology available today, possessing enough power to physically shake the body with its astonishing rate of 1 billionth of a second impulses.
  • Rebuilder Medical™, Neurostimulator 2407 nerve rebuilder device offers optimal axon depolarization electrical waveforms to encourage regeneration of damaged nerve pathways.
    Live O2™, cardiovascular altitude simulation Oxygenation System ensures the body is supersaturated with essential cellular regeneration oxygen.
  • Health Light™, Vascular Infrared System, reaches deep into the body to promote increased circulation to damaged tissues including nerves.
  • 3-D Cardio™, Vibration Plate Technology helps promote full-body circulation and nerve firing therapy

Owning the best, most effective therapeutic tools available does not guarantee success in the treatment of any condition including that of pudendal neuropathy. The health care professional must have the skill and sense of how to use the technology in the most optimal way if it is to succeed in solving its portion of the treatment. Our Founders’ unique sense of touch provides him the best verification possible that all technologies used are being administered in the most optimal manner. This is very important, so that your pudendal neuropathy is not just irritated, making you worse after treatment

Now…Let’s fix Pudendal Neuropathy

Acoustic-based Shockwave Therapy is the best technology to treat a physical pudendal form of neuropathy. It breaks apart every adhesed fibre that comprises a connective tissue adhesion, which might have over 1 million twisted and tangled fibres squeezing the nerve. This is the only technology that can ensure that all 1 million or so fibres are each broken away from the ones around it because the acoustic waves pass through the entire dysfunction. Other manually applied techniques are often used but cannot possibly address 1 million fibres, by hand or by tool.

It can also eliminate hypertonic muscles throughout the pelvic region returning normal circulation to ischemic regions. Other uses include: Softening ligamentous adhesions, open lymphatic channels deep into the pelvis, flush out coagulated blood resulting from gynecological or other surgical procedures and stimulation of damaged nerve’s internal connective tissue to heal, allowing a return to normal metabolic function.

We are constantly questioned about this technology, as many have had treatments for their pudendal neuropathy done with shockwave therapy and all it did was make their condition worse. This can happen as:

  • The practitioner was not skilled in the use of technology.
  • The wrong shockwave device was used, not capable of breaking apart the dysfunctions involved, just irritating them.
  • Treatment time with the technology was too short, irritating the condition instead of actually achieving results.
  • The device’s settings were wrongly configured.
  • The angle of administration was wrong, thus missing part or all of the intended targeted tissues.
  • The device did not have the power to reach deep enough into the body to treat the dysfunction.
  • The device did not have the necessary applicator heads to reach into tight regions.

We are the leading users of this technology in Canada, administering over 1 million shockwaves each month to every condition from TMJ in the jaw, to frozen shoulder and other neck conditions, to chronic back pain and for bunions in the feet. We administer acoustic shockwave therapy like a race car driver drives, with excellence.

The second most important technology we use to treat both the physical and metabolic form of pudendal neuropathy is with our high intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy unit from Pulse Centers. This unique technology forces the regeneration process at a cellular level, stimulating mitochondrial production, forcing blood and lymphatic circulation through damaged tissues, clearing metabolic waste products that interfere with the healing process and stimulating nerve axon impulse generation. Powerful magnetic impulses pass through the body with no attenuation, thus able to reach every nerve pathway involved in the condition, and even the spinal cord as well.

The Neurostimulator delivers high-energy impulses identical to actual nerve action potentials, through damaged regions of the nerve thus forcing their regeneration.

Our unique Cardiovascular Altitude Simulator Technology is used to super oxygenate the body helping to fuel the regeneration of metabolically damaged nerves including the pudendal nerve. Oxygen is the most important element for normal nerve function and is essential in large quantities in the body if any damaged nerve is to ever regenerate.

Our Treatment Protocol

Very few cases of pudendal neuropathy can be successfully or permanently resolved within a few treatments over a short period. It is just not possible and one should never give in to such hopes. Only minor cases of physical pudendal neuropathy may resolve in less than four treatments, but this is an extremely rare occurrence, as most cases are more involved. (See above testimonials)

Our initial goals are to conduct a thorough and exhaustive assessment of your condition utilizing all of our technologies, to establish evidence to all dysfunctions present, from blood oxygen levels to circulatory deficits, to musculoskeletal dysfunctions, to biomechanical faults, to nervous system deficiencies. This initial process takes 2 hours to complete.
We then administer two or three treatments with our technologies, to locate and identify regions of dysfunction.
With all information gathered, we can then inform you as to the form, location, and causes for your neuropathy. Then, a plan to resolve it can be implemented.

Hi Glenn, I hope you remember me. I visited your clinic several months ago. I had 2 treatments with you for what I thought was a mild case of Pudendal Nerve Entrapment. I was a bit depressed and so stressed out because of this condition and the symptoms I was feeling. We both thought that I may need additional treatments but I am so HAPPY to tell you that everything completely cleared up for me. I am so grateful for finding you and for the treatments you did for me. Thank you so much for the work you do! You literally change lives. Thank you,

Yana T

Innisfil, ON

The woman in this testimonial above never got to this stage in our treatment process. Her condition was actually fixed in these first diagnostic treatment session, not requiring any plan to treat her condition. She went home with her condition resolved.

Local people within a 5-hour drive from the clinic are considered local and will be treated as such. Long distance people should come only to be diagnosed correctly and with that knowledge can look for the appropriate treatments back home.

The shockwave therapy portion of our physical neuropathy treatments can be done in-clinic for distance clients, but the magnetic, oxygenation and neurostimulator aspects of the treatments can be found in the U.S. as well. We can give good guidance to you in this regard before you return home.

In some regions of Canada, it may be difficult to find all the technologies required to resolve your form of pudendal neuralgia, making it difficult for you. Staying locally for a number of weeks may be the only way.

Treatment Particulars

Pudendal neuropathy comes in many forms and types and is impossible to explain in detail here. Treatments can be generalized as follows:

Shockwave Therapy treatments are administered on day 1 and 2, to all identified regions requiring its use. These regions are not treated again until day 4 and 5, allowing time for its effects to dissipate. We will inform you of how many additional treatments may be required with this technology. Distance people may decide to stay and complete this aspect of the treatment plan.

Magnetic Therapy, Cardiovascular Oxygenation, and Neurostimulator treatments are administered either once or twice a day. These technologies cause no discomfort and quickly begin working their magic.

All identified Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions are also addressed to all whom come for treatment, local or distance. We specialize in treating chronic pain, so why not have other issues resolved while at our Clinic. We often resolve hip issues, back pain, shoulder and neck issues, as well as any foot conditions you may have, including bunions.

Treatments take between 2-4 hours to complete if all technologies are required in your case.

We will not continue with the same protocol if relief is not experienced. It is not uncommon for us to change our strategy mid-stream, as treatments play an important role in fine-tuning the source and causes of your pudendal neuralgia.
We do not agree to treat all cases of pudendal neuropathy, as some may simply be beyond our means to solve. We must feel confident that our treatment approach will yield results, or we will not respectfully accept you for treatment.

Please contact us if you have questions about your own case of Pudendal Neuropathy.