Knee Pain
Our alternative, non-surgical approach to treating knee pain provides an extremely efficient solution for the various soft tissue stuctures that are responsible for pain.

The knee is a very simple joint to treat, as long as certain factors have been considered, clearing you for treatment. Most knee pain we see in the clinic is due to the various dysfunctions buried within the numerous muscle and ligament fibres surrounding the knee. Our lead therapist’s keen sense of touch due to a vision impairment, makes finding these dysfunctions easy, ensuring treatments target the proper structures.

If treatments are to be successful, no tears must be present in the ligaments or meniscus of the joint, and arthritis must not be severe. Otherwise, we can usually solve the problem in less than 4 treatments.

We use shockwave therapy to break apart the painful dysfunctions that develop in the muscles and/or ligaments of the knee. These 45-minute treatments see an immediate and profound reduction of pain as soon as you walk out of the treatment room. It’s that simple.

Our consultation/assessment will clear you for treatment. We must be convinced that you do not have any of the following complicating factors:

  • Moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the patella or inside/outer meniscus compartments
  • Gout
  • Tear of the ACL/PCL/MCL/LCL ligaments
  • Meniscal pathologies
  • Baker’s cyst

Let us get you moving again and put a Smile back on your Face.

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