Our treatment protocols are innovative because of how we uniquely combine the various advanced leading technologies our clinic is fortunate to have to treat those pain components each is specialized to solve.

These treatment protocols were developed and fine-tuned over the years based upon the experience gained treating thousands suffering from a diverse array of chronic pain conditions.


We Treat Causes – Not Symptoms

Treatments are expected to re-create symptoms, verifying we are in the correct region, addressing and resolving the correct dysfunction.

Symptoms begin reducing quickly as we focus the first treatment on the core of the dysfunction, where the majority of symptoms arise. This is when you begin to realize that we have found the root cause of the symptoms that have plagued you and altered your daily life.

Treatment Protocols
We have developed a rare understanding of the limitations and capabilities with all our advanced leading technologies, so the treatments you receive today will be based upon our past successes using, combining and tweaking them.

Soft-tissue Regeneration
In cases where a person has suffered soft tissue damage due to direct trauma, hip/knee replacement surgery, gynecological procedures, general surgery, or bone fractures to name a few, we have developed protocols to stimulate the body’s regenerative capabilities, thus initiating a re-building process to return the damaged soft tissue to a normal, healthy, and pain-free state.

We discuss all conditions and treatment plans in detail, before we begin, so you will understand what to expect.

We encourage you to come to the clinic with another person to help you go through the process, if possible. Many times we give you more information than you may comprehend in a short amount of time, so another set of ears would help.

Complex combined muscular/neurological conditions may require specific treatment technology selection priority. Restless leg syndrome, for example, requires the nerves of the affected leg to be regenerated to an improved state before addressing soft tissue damage. Therefore, we may begin treating other aspects of your condition before targeting the core dysfunction.

We can treat those of you with pacemaker/defibrillators, implanted metals as with replaced joints or pins/plates, screws/rods, as all but one of our technologies are safe to use. Our powerful Magnetic Therapy is the only technology not allowed for use on those with pacemakers/defibrillators.

Local Clients
Those of you who are local to the clinic within a reasonable distance drive and do not have a complex condition will be assessed and treated during the initial appointment. If we determine you have a complex condition, the initial appointment will be dedicated entirely to the diagnostic process. Treatments would begin when you return for the second appointment. Treatments would be scheduled once per week in most cases, but some conditions can only be treated every 2 or 3 weeks, allowing the body time to regenerate.

Moderate Distant Clients
Those of you who are further from the clinic but still within driving distance to reach us later the same day, are recommended to stay one night. You will be assessed and treated if indicated late on the first day you arrive, then again early the next morning before returning home. We are then in a better position to determine how to proceed after this initial process has completed.

Long Distant Clients are required to speak to us directly by phone, to establish time and duration of stay based upon the information gathered during these phone conversations. We will not bring long-distance patients to our Cornwall clinic unless we are confident we have the time to identify the condition in our diagnostic process and begin treatments to resolve it. Our goal with distance clients is to determine the nature of the condition and administer the treatment protocol technology that you cannot receive where you live. You may then return home to complete those aspects of treatments that you CAN receive where you live under our guidance, minimizing the time away from home.

Complex Conditions
Complex conditions require considerable time involving extensive diagnostics and explanations before beginning treatments. Therefore, we schedule these cases during the last appointment of the day, giving us ample time to administer our five levels of assessment, if required, and not feel rushed for time should we run long.

Motor Vehicle Accident and Workplace Injuries
Our clinic has a tremendous capability to change lives through our unique diagnostic and innovative treatment processes. If you have been injured in either a motor vehicle accident or workplace injury and are not happy with your progress to date, we may be able to offer you a higher level of therapy.

To be eligible, your injuries must be at least six months old, and you must also pay for the complete 5-level diagnostic evaluation.

We may then prepare a detailed written report summarizing all musculoskeletal and neurological dysfunctions identified, that you can then present to your case-worker for consideration. We offer an unbiased professional opinion as to why you are not progressing as you should be given the degree of knowledge and technology available today to solve injuries and conditions.