Our professional use of shockwave therapy integrated with a specialized magnetic therapy unit intended to treat chronic sinusitis and chronic headaches offers an alternative, highly successful option to those who suffer from headaches.

Ocular headache:
Ocular headaches are considered to be the most innocent of all forms of headaches and quite easy to resolve. They arise due to eye strain from many different reasons. Causes include;

  • Vision poor enough to require corrective glasses for the first time.
  • Eyeglass prescription has changed and new glasses are required.
  • Eye’s sensitivity to certain lights has changed as with fluorescent or direct sunlight.
  • The presence of an eye disorder such as macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosis, or glaucoma.
  • Treatments by us are not required for this type of a headache. Simply visit an optometrist/ophthalmologist to discuss your options to resolve the condition.

Tension / Stress headache:
Tension headaches are the most common form of a headache experienced by people on a daily basis. Tension headaches are primarily considered to be muscle headaches as will be explained.

You will experience these headaches in your temple region, deep behind your eyes, back of the head or throughout your neck

Muscle fibres will tighten when they are exposed to a mental or physical stressor. If this stressor continues for days, weeks and even months, these fibres become dysfunctional and painful. Over time bands of fibres become so entangled with each other that they entrap the fine free nerve endings with them, causing them to become trapped within. The entire muscle will become shortened, lose some of its elasticity, and

This type of headaches is the most serious, most debilitating of all. We have all heard people say that they had a “bad migraine” when talking to a friend in a conversation. This is the most improperly used word to describe a headache. Most use it to describe how bad their headache was, how painful or how long it lasted but did not actually have a true migraine.

True migraine headaches involve blood vessel spasms, causing the blood vessels supplying the brain with blood, to go from shrinking in size to expanding to larger than normal, and continue doing both. True migraine sufferers will be totally incapacitated, having to lay down, in a dark room with no noise, until it passes. They can be so severe that they actually vomit, and/or can’t see properly along with other disturbing symptoms.

Traumatic Headache (Whiplash)
Whiplash is the term used to describe an incident where your head was suddenly and after a whiplash, given sufficient time, all of the muscles and ligaments in your neck will heal, as long as no major tears were present. However, a form of fibrotic fibre development quite often occurs in both the muscles and ligaments as a means to strengthen the muscles and ligaments in your neck. Your body sees the muscle and ligament strains as a weakness and compensates for this by developing these fibrotic or tangled, disorganized fibres with the tissues. This is one major reason for the continued neck pain and headaches.

A second major reason for headaches is due to your vertebrae being subluxed, or slightly out of position, due to the enormous strain they endured during the accident. This positional alignment issue places further strain on your healing muscles and ligaments, slowing down your healing. It increases the amount of fibrosis which is developing with these muscles and ligaments. It’s a vicious cycle which must be broken if you are to overcome the effects of a whiplash.

What Treatments Consist Of
Our treatment for all forms of headaches uses a unique combined approach of shockwave therapy, magnetic therapy, and therapeutic massage therapy. We address any soft tissue fibrosis which is present in all forms of headaches We ensure proper circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids in and out of the head and neck region

We stimulate all the cells of the tissues to regenerate, increase oxygen levels, and promote an increase in metabolic rate. All of this creates the best environment for healing and a return to a normal function for all structures involved.

TESTIMONIAL: “I Owe Glenn a Great Deal for Giving me my Life Back – 

I suffered from migraines, and pain in my back, shoulders, neck, and thigh for over five years.  The migraines varied in frequency, anywhere from 1-4 episodes a week.  I had been seeing a migraine specialist in Toronto for over 3 years.  I have met with neurosurgeons, neurologists, a rheumatologist and various general practitioners in both Canada and the U.S. in an attempt to determine the cause of my issues.  I had treatments from chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopaths, and physiotherapists. Despite numerous appointments and countless different medications, nothing seemed to help alleviate the pain and disruptions to my life caused by these episodes.  More than that, no one could tell me what was causing these issues.  Any treatment plan I was on was focused on merely treating the symptoms, not the cause. When I first met with Glenn, I was on a medical leave of absence from work.  The episodes had become so frequent that I was unable to consistently attend work.  Within a few minutes of speaking with Glenn, after outlining my history and symptoms, he seemed to have already determined a possible cause of my problems. An assessment confirmed his thoughts.  Glenn took the time to explain to me his thoughts on the root cause(s) of my symptoms.  I had four treatments with Glenn over the course of a month.  During the course of the treatments, Glenn was able to reproduce my exact migraine pain. This helped confirm that the migraines were neck related. Since being treated by Glenn, I have returned to work and most importantly, I have gotten my life back.  I no longer fear missing work or time with my family because of these issues.  I have not had an episode similar to those I suffered through for more than 5 years. I cannot thank Glenn enough for what he did for me.  I will be forever grateful to him for giving me my life back.  Thanks, Glenn” 

Tom S. (Toronto, ON)