Fibromyalgia Therapy Treatment: Our Diagnostic Process – The ITC difference

Fibromyalgia is absolutely a curable condition, but solving it requires a uniquely sensitive, multi-structural diagnostic process to uncover its many hidden root causes and determine the most effective course of fibromyalgia therapy treatment.
The portion of this sentence that should spark some interest with you, is when we say “Many root causes”. Fibromyalgia is a very unique chronic pain condition because it is the only one we treat that has multiple root causes, while most others have only one, and involve both soft tissue and nerves dysfunctions. As chronic pain specialists, it’s our job to find and fix these root causes, and that is exactly what we do.

The Highly Sensitive – Multi-Structural Approach

You have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia because you experience various regions of unexplained chronic pain symptoms, and have not responded to various treatment modalities. Your diagnosis was based upon the fact that no health care professionals could find a reason for your chronic pain, so you must have fibromyalgia. Does this sound familiar?

As chronic pain therapy specialists, we know the various factors that cause all chronic pain conditions, and have narrowed down the root causes to 2 distinct malfunctions –damage of either Soft tissue (muscles/tendons/ligaments) and/or peripheral nerve. Fibromyalgia is unique as it involves both, soft tissue and peripheral nerve damage combined causing hell on your body.

Our diagnostic process is a unique, multi-structural, full-body investigative process where we identify every dysfunction from head to toe. Our lead therapist Glenn uses his heightened sense of touch developed reading braille, to feel and assess every square centimeter of your body, standing, lying on your back, and stomach. The human body always gives clues to the existence of problems but they are often missed as imaging including MRI’s can’t detect dysfunctions Glenn can feel. He literally feels your pain.
The knowledge and experience we have gained from having diagnosed and treated 6,000 people over the past 15 years have given us the knowledge to understand exactly what the clues we find mean. The bread crumbs of evidence we feel mean everything to us, and this dictates what must be done in our multi-structural treatment process.

Fibromyalgia Therapy Treatment

Fibromyalgia therapy treatment always involves the neck, so Glenn carefully begins his sensitive diagnostic process feeling for the smallest and deepest dysfunctions in the neck that are common to all those who suffer from this condition. He begins there and slowly moves down the body to the feet in a specialized routine he developed just for fibromyalgia.
Glenn knows both soft tissue and nerves are involved, and he can actually feel dysfunctions in both, so he looks for evidence of painful:

  • Myofascial adhesion formation in muscles/tendons/ligaments
  • Peripheral nerve compression/neuropathy/damage he feels as subtle skin changes
  • Slight arterial or vein deficiencies felt by temperature differences, small pockets of edema, or changes in microscopic texture
  • Fibrous, grainy patches of superficial fascia indicating peripheral nervous system communication errors
  • Ischemic sections of soft tissue indicating nerve damage affecting arterial/capillary circulation flow restriction
  • Tendon and ligament damage felt as fibrous striations, micro-edema, micro-scar tissue formation, and micro-tears
  • Metabolic cellular dysfunction felt as patches of sand-paper skin
  • Gross biomechanical imbalances felt like soft tissue differences from left to right, abnormal postural alignments of spine and joints, and regions of excessive bands of tension over large sections of a body region
  • Direct nerve compression felt as painful neurological symptoms worsened upon stimulation or compression by sensitive finger motions in various regions
  • Chronic ligament strain on vertebrae of the neck and spinal column
  • Calcium deposits in muscles, tendons or ligaments felt as extremely small hardened nodules deep in the tissue

Fibromyalgia Therapy Treatment: Innovative Treatment Process

The two most important factors to your recovery are (1) identifying the multiple root causes, and (2) treating them using the most effective technology. Knowledge & Experience – As a chronic pain therapy clinic, we have gained the experience and knowledge to solve the various aspects to your particular case, whether they involve:
  • Nerve regeneration
  • Myofascial adhesion removal
  • Soft-tissue regeneration (muscle/tendon/ligament)
  • Biomechanical correction
  • Biostructural correction
Fibromyalgia Therapy Treatment Innovative Therapy Canada

Fibromyalgia Therapy Treatment: Most Effective Technologies

We have the most effective technologies in the world to accomplish our goals of reversing all the dysfunctions which led to you developing fibromyalgia.

Equipment & Therapy

How does the equipment used to treat my condition, affect my recovery? What is the Innovative Therapy Canada difference?

The effectiveness of any technology varies from one manufacturer to another. Independent laboratory tests that confirm the effectiveness of the technology are conducted using original manufacturer specs. EMS Systems Germany, Acoustic-based Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) was used by researchers to establish the baseline upon which the world now understands as the true and proven acoustic shockwave therapy technology (ESWT). Unfortunately, based on the success of EMS acoustic Shockwave technology, other manufacturers have tried but are not allowed to copy EMS’s patent-protected design.

We use EMS acoustic shockwave devices exclusively and are the busiest users of the technology in Canada. We use it to break apart painful myofascial adhesions and scar tissue in muscles, tendons, and ligaments from the neck down to the feet.

Pulse Centers Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

The most powerful of all magnetic therapy technologies, our X|L Pro model has the ability to:

  • Regenerate Damaged nerves
  • Eliminate chronic painful swelling/edema
  • Re-Establish normal sleep patterns
  • Speed up healing from therapy treatments
  • Increase circulation to deep ischemic regions of the body involved in the production of pain


Rebuilder Medical Neurostimulator

Used to force the regeneration of damaged peripheral nerves in the neck, arms, back, and legs.

SpineMED® Professional Spinal Decompression:

Used to repair damaged spinal discs that have developed a bulge, protrusion or rupture causing direct nerve pain into the body.
Frequency Specific Microcurrent: Used to help restore normal cellular energy to tissues whose cells were knocked off their normal functioning pattern due to mechanical, neurological, vascular, hormonal, and/or magnetic energy dysfunctions.

The Treatments

We can’t tell you exactly how we may solve your particular case of fibromyalgia as there are many reasons and types of dysfunctions that lead to the development of the condition.

Our diagnostic process identifies the various body regions and tissues which need to be corrected. We prioritize these dysfunctions and begin to solve them, to slowly return your body to its normal functioning state.

This is a curable condition as long as the many dysfunctions are accurately identified and effectively resolved.

For more information on this or any chronic pain condition you may suffer from, we encourage you to contact us and begin the process of getting your life back.