Chronic Back Pain – Degenerative Disk Disease (DDD)

Our successes with Degenerative Disk Disease (DDD) treatment have come in part from the knowledge and experiences gained identifying its many root causes, and in part due to our various state-of-the-art therapies and technologies, we use to reverse the damaging forces responsible for its formation.

Degenerative disc disease is not a death sentence for your spine as long as its causes can be correctly identified and treatment is provided before permanent irreversible damage sets in.  Today we offer you the most effective diagnostic and treatment protocols that have worked well for us over the years.

Degenerative Disk Disease – What You Should Know

Degenerative Disc Disease is basically a symptom, a devastating warning sign, that you have a major biomechanical and biostructural fault with your skeleton.

Degeneration of the spinal discs takes 20 years to develop. You may have had warning signs over these years, but if you never knew what to look for, then you certainly would never know you were headed for spinal degeneration.

Degenerative disc disease develops due to excessive, abnormal biomechanical and biostructural forces on your skeleton. These critical degenerative forces must be found and eliminated if you wish to avoid a total failure of your neck or lower back.

This is a serious state your body is in, and you are at risk of developing:

  • Pinched nerves causing unrelenting nerve pain into arms or legs that even powerful pain medication won’t help ease
  • Spinal instability at the degeneration site causing chronic intractable pain in your neck or low back
  • Weakness into arms and legs causing balance issues and extreme loss of strength
  • Reduced circulation into arms and legs that may interfere with normal healing
  • Instability that eventually damages other spinal discs above or below the degenerated ones
Innovative Therapy Canada Degenerative Disk Disease

Our Diagnostic Process – The ITC Difference!

As you may expect, we will identify all biomechanical and biostructural faults with your skeleton through an exhaustive physical and neurological assessment process.

We will turn you inside out to identify every dysfunction, big and small, to establish why you have degenerative disc disease.

Your body will show signs of soft tissue imbalances, skeletal deviations, premature joint degeneration, muscular strain, and nerve and arterial deficits.

Our diagnostic process will map out every dysfunction and show you on our resident in-clinic skeleton as to why you developed degenerative disc disease.

Understanding why you developed spinal degeneration will help you understand how we eliminate the damaging forces from the skeleton and help restore the discs.

Treatment Process for Degenerative Disc Disease

Successfully treating degenerative disc disease requires the most comprehensive, most advanced therapies and technologies in the world.

The biggest problem to overcome is to successfully reverse the well-established, Pain Spasm Cycle.

The pain spasm cycle is a neurological phenomenon where the spinal cord reflex tightens muscles in the region of vertebral degeneration. This tightness causes increased damaging forces on the disc involved, which in turn causes the spinal cord reflex to make the muscles tighter. The tighter the muscles, the more the pressure on the discs, and the more pressure on the discs, the more the muscles tighten. This cycle must be broken or treatments will fail. It’s that simple.

There is no one therapy that can reverse the damaging forces on the spine, break the pain spasm cycle, and regenerate damaged muscles, ligaments and discs.

We use the world’s most powerful and capable extracorporeal acoustic shockwave therapy (ESWT) from EMS Germany, professional computer-guided spinal decompression system from SpineMED systems Canada, Pulsed Magnetic field therapy (PEMF from USA), Trigenics myoneural and neuromuscular therapies to successfully treat degenerative disc disease.

We have tested many treatment therapies and technologies over the years and have had the best success with these phenomenal interventions. We can:

  • Eliminate the damaging forces from the skeleton responsible for the spinal degeneration
  • Release neurologically contractured muscles relieving damaging forces from the vertebrae
  • Regenerate damaged muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the spine
  • Eliminate pinched nerves as they exit the degenerated regions of the spine
  • Increase the water content of the discs interior cavity lost during the pain spasm cycle’s enormous degenerating forces
  • Regenerate damaged nerves in the arms and legs


Our treatment protocol is the most advanced, most comprehensive in the world all under one roof so you don’t have to travel to multiple cities to get this complex treatment approach done. We are proud of the knowledge our research has given us, and fortunate to have the insight to have the most advanced therapy clinic in the world to solve chronic pain conditions.

If you require any additional information on this, or any other chronic pain condition, please contact us.