Abdominal Adhesions due to Uterine Re-Alignment Surgery

Abdominal Adhesions due to  Surgery – A 59-year-old woman “Jean” came to us from another Canadian province to have her numerous abdominal adhesions removed after a gynaecological procedure to re-align her uterus.

Adhesions developed following this procedure that was performed as non-invasively as possible, laparoscopically, through the vagina.
Jean suffered for a very long time following this procedure until a diagnosis was made confirming she was suffering horribly due to the formation of abdominal adhesions. Their formation greatly altered her quality of life, affecting her energy, abdomen, and organs, causing spells- or as she describes, episodes that could put her in bed for days.
Her surgeon operated again to remove these adhesions, and this solved her problems briefly, but this solution would not last, as most surgeons will tell you. Surgery could actually cause new and larger adhesions to form over years, but is the only short-term solution, or is it?
Jean began experiencing episodes once again. She knew that the surgery to remove the abdominal adhesions could cause them to return, but she took a chance anyway. Unfortunately, they did come back again with a vengeance.
Jean was in no mood for another surgery to remove something that would just come back even worse.
Her husband was adamant that there must be another way to solve her problem other than surgery, and his diligence eventually paid off. He found our Clinic and read about our highly successful approach to permanently remove abdominal adhesions non-surgically and wanted to give it a try. She flew in and began what would be 8 treatments over a 2-week period to remove her adhesions. She had no idea whether these unique treatments would work but had to try.
After 2 weeks of treatments, Jean and her husband left for a brief vacation in Florida to rest and recover. She reported feeling tired and just lay around the pool for the entire week. It wasn’t until she returned home that the real benefits of these treatments were noticed.
Today, Jean is once again living a normal active life without symptoms.

The reason we’re profiling this amazing story is to educate people of the widespread and debilitating affects of abdominal adhesions that can literally ruin a person’s life.

Abdominal Adhesions form as a result of:

  • Abdominal surgery for any reason whether laparoscopically or through incisions into the abdomen
  • Prolonged stress and anxiety in one’s life
  • Chronic Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (CIBO)
  • Infection in bladder (UTI)
    Childbirth- whether natural or C-section
  • Food poisoning
  • Candida (fungal overgrowth)
  • Krones/Colitis
  • Vagus Nerve dysfunction
  • Abdominal dysbiosis
  • Biomechanical imbalances, crooked pelvis, hip/knee degeneration, etc
Abdominal Adhesions Due To Surgery Innovative Therapy Canada

If you, or anyone you know, suffers from the affects of abdominal adhesions, we strongly recommend you contact us for more information on our non-surgical protocol before permanent damage develops in your organs.

I suffered for a very long time before I had a diagnosis of abdominal adhesions. Had laparoscopic surgery but knew it would not cure adhesions and in fact may make it worse. But for many years after, I felt I was doing great and had a very functional life.

The issue with adhesions is they can get very thick and grow and can affect your organs. It got to the point about two years ago that I was not having much quality of life, as the ‘episodes’ would happen within minutes and could last for days. You never knew when or how intense these episodes would be. I would have a swollen abdomen that made me look 9 months pregnant, issues with digestion and regular bowel movements and felt very exhausted during an episode. I was prescribed buscopan, but it really never did anything.

It felt hopeless, as there was nothing else that could be done. But I’m very fortunate and have a great husband who wouldn’t accept that and searched/found Innovative Therapy, Glenn.

Glenn spoke with me about my health conditions in 2020, but because of Covid I wouldn’t travel. I live in Newfoundland and going to Cornwall, Ontario where we knew nobody was a big decision.

This last year was brutal, so I contacted Innovative Therapy and arranged for an appointment.

Glenn seen me for 2 hours for 2 weeks- eight treatments in all. Each week, 4 days in a row but it was intense and very painful. Glenn made it as comfortable he could but work to get results.

I think he deliberately talked about anything and everything just to get my mind on something besides the pain. Glenn also fit me out for Orthotics, and I didn’t even realize the benefits as now I never have back pain and I love to walk and can walk without pain now.

After the 8 treatments so close together, my abdomen was so tender and bruised. The first few weeks after I was getting a little discouraged, although I wasn’t having full onset episodes. I still had the feeling one could happen.

It’s now 4 weeks later and I’m back to doing absolute everything I did before. I love being outside and doing outside work and walking is my peaceful time. I can play and lift my grandsons, without straining my abdomen that would of resulted almost always in an episode. The other day I tried running again, just for 15 minutes but I could do it and had no episodes. I can eat nuts and cheese and popcorn and have no episodes.

I feel amazing and for a week or so, I was always waiting for the shoe to drop and end up flat on my back again! But it didn’t happen and hasn’t happened for weeks now.

It’s a blessing and I am really enjoying my life again and the things I love to do. I know what Glenn has done with Acoustic Shockwave treatment work for me and I see more results every day. I feel so healthy and energetic.

I’m thankful to my husband for encouraging me to give it a go and for Glenn’s remarkable knowledge of how our bodies should work, to give us quality of life. Glenn is the real deal and gets at what is really going on in our bodies and how it works together to make our best, healthiest self!

Thank you, Glenn, from the bottom of my heart.