We Provide Treatment for Frozen Shoulder and Other Chronic Shoulder Conditions

You may be surprised to learn that a partially or fully frozen shoulder is not a primary condition requiring immediate treatment, but rather a symptom that a more serious issue exists causing the freeze to occur.

Finding the root cause responsible for the freeze and solving it, will release the freeze in the shoulder.

We have all the essential therapies and technologies required to quickly release the freeze if the shoulder does not release on its own.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment Innovative Therapy Canada

You may also be surprised to learn that most chronic shoulder problems are directly linked to neck problems.  Shoulder/neck problems can, and often do, begin with biomechanical and/or structural deviations anywhere in the skeleton, from the feet up to the base of the skull, so the complex, multi-structural diagnostic process we provide to you is an essential aspect to solving the problem, and is what makes up the Innovative Therapy Canada difference.

I wanted to thank Glenn Cameron for treating me at the last minute for my frozen shoulder.

Two days ago I could absolutely not move my arm and had agonizing pain, and today I am regaining all my mobility without any pain. I am sleeping in the position recommended by Glenn, and I am able to sleep without any pain all night, something I have not done for a couple of months now.

You are a miracle worker and I am truly blessed to have crossed your path. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

F. Legault

Lasalle, QC

Complex, Multi-structural diagnostic Process

The neck and shoulders are loaded with an enormous amount of tightly packed structures including tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerves, arteries, lymphatic vessels, and veins. In fact, the neck and shoulder complex has the highest concentration of peripheral nerves and tendons in the body. There are dozens of major and minor nerve branches, as well as 19 tendons comprising the shoulder complex. Any major nerve or minor nerve branch or any of the 19 tendons that develops a problem can cause chronic neck/shoulder pain and limited range of motion to the shoulder as it upsets a delicate balance of biomechanical equilibrium in the region. The complex diagnostic process we provide involves:

  • Hands-on palpation (feel) by our lead therapist’s amazing heightened sense of touch, to identify the structures which have become dysfunctional. He can detect pinched nerves, decreased blood circulation, ligament or tendon strain, and structural damage in both the neck and shoulder complex, just by feeling the structures.
  • Professional spinal decompression is used to identify whether bulging or ruptured spinal discs are involved in both chronic neck and shoulder pain. This is one of the technologies that would be used to help resolve issues if a disc was found to be problematic.
  •  Our powerful magnetic therapy technology is used to identify whether nerves have been damaged and to what degree. This technology would be used to help regenerate damaged nerves and remove painful inflammation if found to be present.
  • Finally, we always administer 1 or 2 diagnostic treatments to establish the root causes for both neck and shoulder issues, and to begin the process to resolve them. For this, we use our state-of-the-art acoustic shockwave therapy technology from EMS Germany, the world’s leading developers, and the same technology used to break apart kidney stones.


Once this process has been completed, we may then show you what happened to cause your shoulder problem, if you don’t already know, using our in-clinic skeleton. This is the most important aspect of our diagnostic process. You must know what caused your problem, and understand how we intend to resolve it.
Some of the most common primary conditions we see causing frozen shoulder include:

  • Shoulder Tendonitis/bursitis
  • A pinched nerve (neck/chest/shoulder)
  • Reaction to anxiety or depression medication
  • Arthritis (neck/shoulder)
  • Lime disease
  • Gout
  • Humerus (upper arm)or scapula fracture
  • Breast cancer surgery
  • Radiation for cancer (neck/chest)
  • Shoulder surgery
  • Whiplash trauma
  • Torn shoulder tendons/ligaments
  • Separated Shoulder
  • Dislocated Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder Treatment: the Innovative Therapy Canada Difference

Pain relief and increased motion come quickly usually within the first 3 treatments.  The number of treatments required to cure your chronic pain will depend on what structures have been injured or involved. We provide you with this information once our diagnostic process has been completed, as we then have a firm understanding of the problem and can accurately predict what will be required to complete treatments.

Our EMS acoustic shockwave therapy technology is typically the first technology used to help break apart the damaged, twisted/tangled fibres from within involved muscles, tendons, or ligaments. All chronic shoulder problems will have damaged soft tissue requiring its breakdown. Additionally, pinched nerves must also be released by the same soft tissue damage strangling them.

Equipment & Therapy

How does the equipment used to treat my condition, affect my recovery? What is the Innovative Therapy Canada difference?

The effectiveness of any technology varies from one manufacturer to another. Independent laboratory tests that confirm the effectiveness of the technology are conducted using original manufacturer specs. EMS Systems Germany, Acoustic-based Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) was used by researchers to establish the baseline upon which the world now understands as the true and proven acoustic shockwave therapy technology. Unfortunately, based on the success of EMS acoustic Shockwave technology, other manufacturers have tried but are not allowed to copy EMS’s patent-protected design.

What does that mean to you?

The two most important factors to your recovery are identifying the issues, and treating them using appropriate equipment.

We use EMS acoustic shockwave devices exclusively and are the busiest users of the technology in Canada. You deserve the peace of mind, we can provide it.

For more information on frozen shoulder, or on any other chronic pain condition you may suffer from, don’t hesitate to contact us.