Our alternative non-surgical approach to treating Morton’s Neuroma offers an extremely efficient and effective resolution to the condition.

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Definition: What is Morton’s Neuroma?
Morton’s neuroma is a nerve compression syndrome involving the tiny nerves of the forefoot.


  • Burning sensations near or in the last 3 toes
  • Vague ache anywhere in the forefoot
  • Sharp-shooting jabs of pain which can travel up the lower leg
  • Whitish appearance of the skin on the foot
  • Prickly, pins and needles sensations near the toes
  • Regions of numbness

The nerves on the foot are so small, that it really doesn’t take much to cause a compression syndrome. These tiny nerves must pass through the supportive connective tissues which hold the skeletal framework of the foot together. It is said that we take at least 10,000-foot steps daily. The connective tissue can develop extremely tight, twisted bands within its fibres in regions of the foot where the pressure is considerably more than normal. Over time these connective tissue bands can compress a nerve passing through its fibres.

We have seen a variety of causes for the formation of these bands which include:

  • Weight gain
  • Impact sports such as hiking on uneven surfaces, running, and jumping
  • Water retention due to pregnancy or due to other factors
  • High blood pressure
  • Mechanical changes in the foot (over-pronation) and/or pelvis
  • Bunions & hammertoes
  • Circulation issues

We need to use 2 different shockwave units to successfully treat nerve compressions in the foot. One ensures that the main nerve branches and blood vessels are not entrapped in the ankle region. The other shockwave unit will release the connective tissue bands from the foot.

Treatments take 45 minutes to address all of the nerve and vascular structures in the lower leg.
Treatments see a rotation of shockwaves therapy and neuromuscular therapy alternating through 3 cycles. We have found this to be the most effective method of decompressing nerves in the foot.

In severe cases, we integrate magnetic therapy to help return a compressed nerve to its healthy functional state, through its ability to regenerate free nerve endings.

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