We find Tenosynovitis to be a fairly simple condition to successfully treat using the same shockwave therapy protocol we employ to treat calcific tendonitis. Innovative Therapy Canada can cure this condition in 2-4 treatments. Tenosynovitis is a condition where the sheath that protects and anchors a tendon in place has developed a problem. It will almost always occur in the hands but could occur in the feet as well.

What Is Tenosynovitis?

Tenosynovitis “Teno” referring to the tendon, “Synov” referring to the synovial sheath that the tendon glides through, and “Itis” meaning inflammation, is the term used to indicate a very painful tendon/sheath injury. The condition will begin with a tendonitis that continues to worsen until it has caused damage to the synovial sheath that both anchors the tendon in place and provides a lubricated tunnel for it to glide through whenever a muscle is contracted in the hands and feet.

Symptoms for Tenosynovitis will be identical to those of tendonitis. They are:

  • Pain in the region of the tenosynovitis when touched
  • Pain radiating up or down the arm or lower leg, depending where the condition is located
  • Burning/ache in the general region
  • Weakness in the affected muscle attached to the tendon
  • Sharp jabbing pain whenever the muscle that is attached to the tendon is stretched or contracted
  • Sensation of numbness in the region and possibly down the finger or toe closest to the condition

Causes:  What Really Happens?

Tendons are the cable-like structures that fasten a muscle to a bone. When the muscle contracts (shortens), movement takes place at the joint where the tendon is anchored. Most of the tendons in the hands and feet have to be anchored in place so they won’t flop all over the hand whenever the muscles that attached to them are contracted or stretched. A synovial sheath is thus firmly anchored in place for each tendon to glide through. Synovial fluid provides the necessary lubricant to allow a tendon to glide through the sheath under tremendous pressure provided by a contracting muscle.

Tendonitis can occur within a tendon that is exposed to an excessive, prolonged, repetitive force resulting in multiple fibre damages to the tendon. A lump of scar tissue will form resulting in an increase in the diameter of the tendon in this spot. This places direct pressure on the sheath wall causing a dragging irritating pressure that over time damages the sheath wall. Pain and swelling will ultimately cause a profound weakness in the muscle attached to this affected tendon as a safety mechanism. No further damage will occur whenever power us reduced to the muscle attached to the tendon.


This is a very simple condition to treat and cure. Our famous combination therapy protocol utilizing shockwave and magnetic biostimulation therapies will resolve the scar tissue, inflammation, and heal the damaged tendon and sheath wall fibres.

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