Chronic Back Pain

The innovative, highly successful treatment protocols we use today to cure chronic back pain came from the many years of extensive research we have conducted to identify its root causes, yielding an astonishing total of 11. Our diagnostic process therefore is quick and concise, dictating the exact therapies and technologies that must be used to solve your chronic back pain issues.

We understand what it’s like to be overwhelmed with conflicting information especially when pertaining to your pain, but our research into root causes and founder’s heightened sense of touch are unmistakably accurate. We understand how your chronic low back or neck pain has adversely affected your life, so if you are ready, let’s get going and get your life back.

The pain in my back and legs started about a year earlier, gradually getting worse, especially while driving. I decided to seek the help of my acupuncturist, however, several treatments didn’t relieve the pain, neither did a series physio treatments. In fact, the pain was getting worse, I couldn’t drive any distance without having to stop every 20 minutes to stretch out my leg. At this point, my cousin reminded me of the successful treatment she and her husband received at Innovative Therapy. Glenn found the cause and after a few treatments, I was pain-free at last. Thanks to Glenn’s Innovative Therapy, driving is once again enjoyable.

Rosie B. - Orleans, ON

What You Should Know About Chronic Back Pain

You may be shocked to learn that most cases of chronic back pain do not have their causes rooted in the spine, but come from biomechanical or biostructural faults elsewhere.

There is no question that your pain is coming from the back, particularly from muscles, tendons and/or ligaments that are significantly irritated, but the question for us to answer is why? What biomechanical and/or biostructural faults have developed to cause irritation to the soft tissues of your back.

Bulging or ruptured discs common to degenerative disc disease do not cause pain, as they have no pain receptors to warn you of a problem.

Inflammation may also be present in the soft tissues of your back causing pain, but again is not a root cause but only a symptom confirming a biomechanical and/or biostructural fault does exist.

Pain and anti-inflammatory medications, Tens and other such devices, hardened balls and rollers to place pressure on the back muscles, stretching routines and even massages, may offer some relief, but unless the root causes are identified, will give short term relief at best. These 11 possible root causes our research was able to identify must be found before any therapy and/or technology can be selected to eliminate your pain permanently.

The two most important factors to your recovery are accurately identifying root causes, and treating them using the most effective and reliable therapies and technologies.


Our diagnostic Process: The Innovative Therapy Canada Difference!

Your body will always give clues as to where root causes exist that must be found and interpreted to realize what they mean. Our founder’s heightened sense of touch will easily and accurately find all clues your body provides. A thorough biomechanical and biostructural examination is conducted, along with a hands-on investigation from head to toe to FEEL for even the smallest bread crumbs of evidence.

How many of the 11 possible root causes you have will be quickly found and interpreted as to where the ultimate root causes are located. Then we can implement the correct treatment protocol to fix these root causes, thus eliminating your back pain, no matter how long you have suffered from it.


Our Innovative Chronic Back Pain Treatments

We have successfully treated chronic back pain for almost 15 years and know what must be done to cure it.  We will systematically go after the identigfied root causes, prioritizing them to be eliminated.  Curing chronic back pain requires a comprehensive approach to:

  • Restore normal skeletal alignment
  • Restore normal biomechanical and muscular equilibrium
  • Regenerate damaged soft tissue and nerves
  • Correct joint biomechanics in feet, knees, hips, and pelvis
  • Correct soft tissue damage to knees or hips that have been replaced
  • Address neuropathy if present
Chronic Back Pain Treatment Innovative Therapy Canada
Chronic back pain is not a difficult condition to solve, as long as the root causes have been correctly identified, these root causes have been corrected in the order of importance, and the appropriate therapies and technologies have been competently administered, to accomplish the goals each is specialized to accomplish.

If you have any questions with respect to your chronic back pain, or with any other chronic pain condition you may suffer from, please contact us.