Our innovative approach to treating chronic back pain has proven to be both extremely efficient and effective for two important reasons.

First, our unique diagnostic process accurately identifies the pain’s source, which is crucial if the condition is to ever be solved. Treatments must never target symptoms, as they are the only evidence of the existence of the problem. Treating symptoms may lead the healthcare professional in the wrong direction, thus wasting your time and money.

Then, our professional use of extracorporeal shockwave therapy and Trigenics provide the ideal technology to solve those identified causes we have seen time and time again. The skilled use of shockwave therapy has the ultimate ability to initiate the regeneration of dysfunctional or damaged connective tissues involved in the condition, whether they be muscle, tendon or ligament. Trigenics is used to re-establish normal nerve impulse communication between those treated connective tissues and the nervous system, which become altered due to chronic pain.

The pain in my back and legs started about a year earlier, gradually getting worse, especially while driving. I decided to seek the help of my acupuncturist, however, several treatments didn’t relieve the pain, neither did a series physio treatments. In fact, the pain was getting worse, I couldn’t drive any distance without having to stop every 20 minutes to stretch out my leg. At this point, my cousin reminded me of the successful treatment she and her husband received at Innovative Therapy. Glenn found the cause and after a few treatments, I was pain-free at last. Thanks to Glenn’s Innovative Therapy, driving is once again enjoyable.

Rosie B. - Orleans, ON

Chronic back pain is not a difficult condition to treat, even though many have not been able to see a resolution to theirs. The key is in the diagnosis and we do not mean a diagnosis made from the results of x-ray or MRI. We mean a hands-on diagnosis to identify all factors that contribute to the condition.

Bulging or ruptured discs, arthritis, and chronic inflammation are all symptoms only, not causes. They are excellent diagnostic clues as to the origin of the pain.

We often solve back pain in the presence of disc issues and arthritis, because we have treated and resolve the mechanisms that directly caused the back pain, and ultimately the bulging discs, arthritis, and chronic inflammation.

Chronic back pain is easily resolved as long as the approach is based on sound diagnostics and skillful treatment execution.

In Depth

In reality, back pain typically results from the overstimulation of pain receptors within muscles, tendons and/or ligaments, which the back has a multitude of. The question is “Why?”

Providing treatments of some nature directly on the back may be ineffective, as the back muscles are likely just a warning sign or symptom of a larger problem elsewhere.

In many cases, the muscles are under strain due to an alignment issue with the spine, pelvis, legs and/or feet. This would result in a strain of one or more muscles in the region causing pain.

Stepping back and looking at the overall problem of back pain, we see problems with the muscles, tendons, ligaments and/or vertebral discs, all of which are classed as connective tissue. The connective tissue would not be under strain if the skeleton were in perfect alignment. We tell everyone we treat of the example with your car. Tires that are wearing out to one side are an indication of a misalignment with the front end of the car. In addition, anyone who spends good money to put new tires on their vehicle will absolutely ensure that a front-end alignment is done at the same time, ensuring the new tires do not wear improperly.

Our back is no different. Our skeleton must be in perfect alignment so as to not irritate the connective tissues that encompass it. Our discs are the tires on the car.

In most cases, it’s the connective tissue that is pulling the skeleton out of alignment. The skeleton in our clinic is in perfect alignment, and will always be so because it has no connective tissue to cause any misalignment.

For more information on chronic back pain, or on any other condition we treat, we encourage you to contact us to arrange for a thorough assessment.